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Current Workshops @ The Clay Warehouse

Understanding Underglaze (6 week session) - next class starts Friday April 21/23

This is one of my favorite classes! I created Understanding Underglaze as a way to introduce potters to the many uses of this colorful medium. Over the 6 week session we go through a ton of information. Each week we complete exercises that practice the techniques taught. The last two weeks of class we work on a special final project. Students are encouraged to incorporate two different techniques they have learned in this project.

At the end you come away with large test tiles for each exercise we do. All are glaze fired and yours to keep for future reference. You will also have created a beautiful hand-built piece that is decorated in your choice of styles.

Throwing 101 (6 week session) - next class starts Sunday April 23/23

I've been teaching this class for more than a year now. I love getting beginner potters excited and feeling empowered. Over the 6 week session we go through every step of the ceramics process.

Everyone takes to this heart breaking art form at a different pace. Some students sign up for 101 a second time and others jump right to 102. Don't compare yourself to others, do what feels right (and most fun) for you!

Throwing 102 (6 week session) - next class starts Sunday April 23

In this 6 week class we start to focus on making pieces on the wheel with intention. You take the skills you learned in 102 and hone them. We work on projects like large bowls, donut vases, closed forms and pre designed mugs.

Each student goes at their own pace and I do my best to meet you where you're at.

Up Coming 1 day Workshops @ The Clay Warehouse

Intro to Underglaze

This workshop is for those who are curious about using underglaze and want to see if it’s for them. During this workshop we will spend about 45min looking at the following: 

  • The difference in clay bodies and how they affect underglaze colors. 
  • We will review the different brands of underglaze and their pros/cons.
  • Demonstration using the different underglazes and review of the results of each after glaze firing (pieces prepared in advance of the workshop). 
  • You’ll learn the trick to loving your Speedball underglaze.
  • We will be talking through what you can and cannot do with underglaze depending on the state the clay is in. 
  • Demonstrations of painting on leather-hard, bone-dry and bisque will be done. 
  • You’ll be show how to use squeeze bottles to apply underglaze, how to get the consistency of it just right. 
  • We will also talk about the use of rubber stamps with underglaze. 

Participants will spend about 1 hour designing and painting their designs on plates (pre made for you). You’ll get to use a selection of underglaze colors, stamps and squeeze bottles for this piece. Towards the end of the workshop I will show you examples of several techniques students learn during the 6 week Understanding Underglaze class. To prepare for the workshop, some time will need to be spent gathering some ideas for your design. A PDF with suggestion on how to come up with ideas you’re excited about will be sent to participants prior to the workshop to help you prepare. You’re encouraged to bring references, sketches, etc to help you with your design.After the workshop the plates will be bisque fired. The instructor will then clear glaze them. Your piece will be ready for pick up approx 2 weeks after your workshop date. 

Please note:  The techniques you will learn are not applicable to air dry clay. Basic understanding of mid fire clay is ideal. Knowing the difference between greenware, bisque and glazed pieces will be helpful. We will be talking about the different stages that clay goes through and how to work with underglaze at each of these stages.